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King Khan’s answer to the Perfectionist Khan


Aamir Khan must be cursing his stars, for making a remark against the King Khan, SRK. Aamir Khan who recently quoted that SRK was next to him, got a witty reaction from the King Khan himself, who described it as a great compliment.

When SRK was asked about his feelings, to be labeled as number two, SRK said: I just want to tell you, Aamir is a dear friend of mine and I consider it a compliment for him, oops sorry, compliment for me, that was a genuine slip of tongue. It is indeed a great compliment that he at least considers me second to him.”

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SRK also revealed that he can’t say anything against Aamir as he doesn’t want to upset his wife ( Gauri Khan is said to be a great fan Aamir ), “I and Aamir are completely opposite persons. He is an intelligent, intellectual person whereas I am more of an instinctive man. He does more of the thinking and I do more of the acting.”

SRK also revealed since both of them are ‘Khans’ they have great regard for each other, “We are very good friends and we both have a good sense of humor. I know his jokes and he knows mine. And, he is hundred per cent No. 1.”

The King Khan ended it up on a humorous note and said, “I said I love K-K-K-K-K-Kiran and he really loves K-K-K-K-K-Kiran.”

Next time King Khan se panga nai lena ka. Samjhe!!

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