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Kareena’s crash diet upsets Daddy dearest


Kareena Kapoor recent obsession with her weight, made her collapse during the shooting of Tashan. The person who is most upset with Bebo’s crash diets is father Randhir Kapoor.

Randhir Kapoor, who is worried for Bebo says, “I have told her to stop the ‘diet business.’ She has become quite thin and must not lose more weight, but Bebo tells me that I should go on a diet because I am terribly overweight. lexapro substitute Now what you can you say to that?”

When Daddy dearest was asked about Kareena’s beau Chote nawab, he said, “If my daughter is happy with Saif Ali Khan, then I am happy too and my blessings are always there for my children.”

Randhir Kapoor is proud of his younger daughter’s and his family’s achievements, “I was thrilled when Bebo got the Filmfare Best Actress Award and my brother Rishi got the Lifetime Achievement Award, while my nephew Ranbir got the award for Best Male Debut. Now we are going to launch two films soon under the RK Films Banner with Bebo and Ranbir. Happy days are here again! My father and grandfather must be really proud watching our family from wherever they are!” said a beaming Dabboo.

Bebo you have already lost quite an amount of weight, Puhleez! Don’t make yourself look unattractive with your anorexic dreams.


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