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Ash And Abhi To Star In "Ramayana"

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There is news that “Ramayana” will be portrayed on the Hollywood screen.

The brain behind this fascination is Ashok Banker whose love for mythology led him to take on such determination of portraying “Ramayana” on the Hollywood screen.

Talks about the production of this movie have been going on since 2006 , and a major Hollywood production studio is backing it.

When asked about the cast and crew for his movie Banker says, “Some major names — both from Hollywood and Bollywood — are expected to be part of it. I’ve no idea if Nicole would be in it, though personally, I think she’ll make a great Surpanakha. Even Daniel Craig’s agent has called up to say that he’d be interested. And, if I had my way, I’d like him to do Ravana, since he has a very brutish and a very powerful presence. Actually, I’d want the baddies to be played by Westerners and Indians to play the ‘human’ ones” .

Indian spectators on the other hand find Ash-Abhi to be the ideal couple for the role of Sita and Ram. Ravana, they say will be best portrayed by King Khan –Sharukh.

It seems to be the most awaited picture of the year.

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