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Shah Rukh Khan shaking hands with Walt Disney

It is big news and it has happened before! Shah Rukh Khan has been approached by the entertainment enterprise Walt Disney Pictures. The world famous company is extremely interested in the king Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.


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A source says, “Officials from Walt Disney Pictures flew down to meet Shah Rukh while he holidaying in London with his family. Walt Disney has plans of investing $30 million in the first phase of their partnership tenure. Given SRK’s popularity abroad, other international companies like Sony Pictures and Rupert Murdoch’s company had also shown interest in investing in Red Chillies Entertainment. Although SRK hasn’t confirmed the deal yet, it might be interesting if he decides to do so. This is the second time that Walt Disney Pictures have tried to get in touch with SRK. The first time SRK couldn’t meet them as he was too tied up with work. His manager, Bobby met the officials. But this time in London he was relatively free and did meet them finally.” Arjun Mitra, head of Red Chillies Studio, said, “All the information you’re seeking is highly confidential and I can’t talk about it.” Al right if not now then in sometime…the story will soon see the day’s light.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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