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Bipasha Basu will announce the 7 wonders at Lisbon

bips.jpgAh all the Bollywood beauties have determined to rule the world! First it was Ash, then Mallika, later Shilpa and now it is Bipasha Basu. The lady who avoided stage anchoring due to her short-sight, which causes trouble for her to read the teleprompter, is now ready to take up the job for history’s sake. “History beckons me! I have been given the honour of hosting the official declaration ceremony for the New 7 Wonders of the World in Lisbon on July 7. So, I’ve got myself contact lenses. All these years I stubbornly resisted them and risked losing friends after looking through them in public. But now that I will be hosting this event with the likes of Ben Kingsley and Hillary Swank, and at which Jennifer Lopez will be performing, I’d be foolish not to correct my eyesight. I can see everything so clearly now!” said the ravishing Bipasha. She exclaimed, “I don’t know what made them choose me, maybe it was my appearance at Cannes last month. But I’m deeply honored and flattered. This is the first time that the 7 Wonders are being reconsidered. To be part of this is to be part of history. And I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in world, certainly not for being short-sighted. It would be my friend Rocky S for the Indian outfit, and that’s a saree. Armani will do my western outfit.” So all the people out there who have problems with their eye sight should do the same and should not miss the chance of seeing the hottest Bollywood celebrity with her Hollywood counterparts. The event will be held in Lisbon.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript); how to get viagra in indiana


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