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When Sridevi Sizzled In Sarees

5 Sexist Sarees Sridevi Ever Wore Onscreen

Think sexy onscreen saree routines and Mr. India’s Kaate Nahi Kat Te is one of the first images that pops to mind. That’s why we say that no one can do sarees like birthday girl Sridevi (yes, she’ll always be ‘girl’ to us, thank you very much).

Cuteness, elegance, baby doll charm and hotness rolled into one, Sri took one of India’s most popular and oft-repeated apparels and turned it around. Before Sri, we had Rekha who wore beautiful albeit super traditional (and we’re sorry to say but somewhat boring) sarees. Chandni changed sarees and made them totally 90s (and modern).

The sari trends that Sridevi started are still super popular. Let’s take a look at 5 times the South siren looked like a total saree-clad sex symbol onscreen.

Mr. India

Of course we had to start with this! Kaate Nahi Kat Te is a predecessor to Tip Tip Barsa Paani and all other rain dance sequences where the heroine is clad in a sheer saree. So hot, so glamorous, so totally sizzling! Who says blue is boring? It is sexy like hell when worn right!

image1 (2)

image2 (2)


Hawaa Hawaii girl’s iconic ‘Chandni’ look completely overhauled fashion in North India (she was a Dilli girl, remember?). The demand for chiffon sarees had never been this high. It is hardly a surprise, actually. Who wouldn’t want to look like this?

image3 (2)

image4 (2)


Sri’s role in Jaanbaaz was very short – one song and, maybe, 2 tiny scenes. For most actresses, it would have been a blink-and-miss role, something that the audiences would soon forget. But not for our birthday girl! She looked like a total diva in her super-fine white and red sarees (Can’t stop looking. Must copy!).

image5 (2)

image6 (1)


Thanks to Sridevi’s double role in Lamhe, we got to see her rock both Indian and Western apparel. She didn’t wear a lot of sarees in the film but the ones that she did managed to take our breath away, especially because her accessories were so spot-on.

image7 (1)

image8 (1)


Designer sarees are very commonplace now, but when Judaai first opened in theatres, these were largely unheard of (or something reserved for only the ‘super rich’). One look at Sridevi and her georgette, satin and net sarees (after she transitioned to being rich in the film) and every woman wanted them. All we can say is – thank you!


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