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Shaandaar! Can’t Wait For It

5 Things We’re Looking Forward To In Shaandaar

The Shaandaar trailer has taken our breath away. No, really, it has. It has exceeded expectations in every possible way and we can’t wait for the film’s release. Quite a few things in the trailer have gotten us super excited and we can’t wait to watch this adorable love story unfold on the big screen.

While it is true that Shaandaar looks, well, shaandaar overall, we’ve picked out 5 things that in particular got us interested and made the wait till October 22 a little more anxious.

Shahid and Alia’s Electrifying Chemistry

Seriously, why hasn’t anyone thought of pairing these two before? This has to be Alia’s best onscreen pairing by-far (sorry, Varun). The two compliment each other really well, both are equally adorable and equally good-looking. We love!

Sushma Seth’s Head of the Clan Act

It seems that ever since we’ve been watching Sushma Seth, she has been playing granny of the house; not that we’re complaining. She is super adorable and we can’t wait to watch her play the royal daadi, decked it in the best of sarees and jewellery. We love how she scolds her son like a total grown up but becomes ‘one of ’em girls’ at the drop of a hat.


image 4
Shahid and Pankaj’s Tete a Tete

It’s fun, it’s adorable and it made us LOL. Who says that real-life relationships between actors ruins their onscreen chemistry? Father and son here are totally killing it as potential father-in-law and son-in-law. Shahid and Pankaj, you had us at “oye!”.

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Shahid Playing Hard-to-Get

“Aisa kuch nahi hone wala”, Shahid tells Alia right at the start of the trailer, which kind of bursts the girl’s bubble (and ours too, honestly). Whatever said and done, we do think that Shahid’s “I’m not easy” act is intriguing. We’ve mostly seen him play the smitten guy so it’ll be refreshing to watch him as the one being chased, just this once.



So Much Fairytale!

A royal, destination wedding, damsel in distress fantasies, princess falling in love with a pauper (well, not exactly a pauper but not a prince either from the looks of it). This looks like classic romance (rom-com, we mean, rom-com!).



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