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Sonakshi’s ‘Subtle-But-Effective’ Makeover

5 (Very Recent) Times When Sonakshi Made Our Jaw Drop

Let’s get something clear – any one who says “oh Sonakshi has always been fashionable/stylish” is very wrong! The girl has worked really hard to look as gorgeous as she does today. The best thing – she continues to experiment with her look and make our jaw hit the floor. Recently, Sona has changed her style quite a lot and we’re totally loving it! Although it was a very (very!) difficult (so many choices!), we’ve shortlisted 5 times when Shotgun Junior made us sit up and say “wow!”

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(and take notes and try and copy). When She Kissed Her Long Locks Goodbye For the longest time, Sona sported Rapunzel-ish locks that would frame her pretty face really well. Then she decided to go-short and we saw a jawline so sharp that we couldn’t take our eyes off it! Sonakshi made the reverse bob, which everyone insisted would NEVER suit an Indian face, a major rage. Thank you! image1 (2) image2 (1) When He She Gave Up Her Nose Ring That Sona loves her pierced nose is no secret. She talks about it all the time. The girl got her nose pierced when she was 16 and sported a nose ring – till she gave it up in favour of a stud. Way to go from girl to lady in the most effortless manner! You can never go wrong with a tiny, glittery stud in the nose, especially when you have all the swag in the world (which Sona definitely does!). image5 image4 When She Got A ‘Barely-There’ Tattoo By getting a tiny, star tattoo on her collarbone (which was her birthday gift to herself last year, by the way), Sonakshi showed us that tattoos do not have to be big (or spell your boyfriend’s name) in order to look fab (and make tabloid headlines). Whenever we see a picture of Sona, one of the first things that we notice is the gorgeous little thing right under her neck. Awesome! Bye-bye large, statement making tattoos. We’re going the Sona way, thank you very much. And no, star tattoos are not cliched! image6 image7 When She Put On Midriff Baring Outfits … And showed us normal sized girls that you don’t have to be model-thin to wear something that cuts-off at the midriff. Sonakshi got her styles here so spot-on that we couldn’t help but gasp at the awesomeness of it all. No need to go overboard with the “baring”. Keep it chic and stylish. Totally imitable, totally lovely. image3 image8 image9 When She Went Casual Lately, each time Sona decides to go casual, we end up taking serious notes (and wanting to overhaul the entire closet). If there is one celeb that we can learn oodles from when it comes to casual fashion, it’s Sonakshi. Ponytails are not blah, hipster glasses are not ridiculous and loose t-shirts are not frumpy and shapeless. Do it right, throw in an accessory or two and you can look uber sexy even when going totally casual. image10 image11document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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