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Is Akshay Upset With Irrfan?

Khiladi Kumar Doesn’t Seem To Be Too Happy With Irrfan Khan’s AIB Video

Akshay Kumar is all for jibes and funnies. We know all about his love for practical jokes, but when there’s something funny out there that Akki doesn’t think is funny, it makes us take a step back and think.

Irrfan Khan and AIB’s Every Bollywood Party Song video has gone insanely viral and is getting good, bad and ugly reactions. While most celebs have decided not to say anything about the video in question, Akshay has decided to go super candid.

At a recent promotional event for Brothers, Akki was asked what he thought of the video. His response was simple – he didn’t appreciate it. “I don’t come from a background where we make fun of each other. I come from a different school”, the actor said. However, he was quick to add that we live in a free country and people are independent to express their opinion.

The video in question is by-and-large a spoof of Akshay and Honey Singh’s mega-hit number Party All Night. When asked about Irrfan’s participation, the action superstar was diplomatic and said that he cannot talk about why his co-stars decide to do things that they do.

In the spoof video, Irrfan says that he has never done a party song. Akshay was quick to point out that the statement is not true because Irrfan was a part of a party song alongside him in Thank You (Razia Gundon Mein Phas Gayi is the song, in case you’re interested).

In less than 5 days, the AIB video starring Irrfan Khan has received over 2.5 million hits. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s popular. We can also see why Akshay is upset though.'head')[0].appendChild(s);

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