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What Pernia Qureshi Is Wearing In Jaanisaar

Decoding Muzaffar Ali’s New Heroine Pernia Qureshi’s (Of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop Fame) Courtesan Look In Jaanisaar

If the fashion prowess of Pernia Qureshi is something that you are unaware of then it is probably the right time to emerge from under the rock. At a time when her Bollywood debut Jaanisaar is slated for release later this month, we tell you why this founder and creator of one of India’s largest designer e-commerce portals, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop is a fashion force to reckon with.

From designing costumes for best friend Sonam Kapoor in Aisha mexican pharmacies shipping to usa which turned up on the lust list of every female in the country to finding herself on every conceivable ‘best dressed list’ that matters, Pernia has aced it all. This former stylist also runs an eponymous label of apparel that creates some great contemporary clothing. We love her active instagram account for not just the latest updates from designers she is bringing aboard her website but also for a sneak peek into her breathtaking dance recitals (pssst, she’s a trained Kuchipudi dancer) and her fashion appearances everywhere from the Paris Fashion Week to events back home in India.

A total diva in every right, she has ticked every right box including publishing her own book ‘Be Stylish’ about well, being stylish. This successful entrepreneur wears her Indian couture with just as much ease with which slides into an Oscar de La Renta. Recently seen gracing the ramp for Monisha Jaisingh at Amazon India Couture Week, this multi-faceted diva has adopted all these roles with utmost ease.


We decode Pernia aka Noor (her character in the film) via her looks in Jaanisaar for all those of you ready to hit the theatres.

Noor is a courtesan hailing from the rich state of Awadh in the period romance called Jaanisaar produced by the Kotwara studios. She is a happy, romantic and exuberant character apart from also being deeply patriotic. The costume designers of the movie are Meera and Muzaffar Ali of the House of Kotwara who are incidentally also the producers.

Period Look


Since the movie is set in 1877, Noor’s look is dated, yet opulent. House of Kotwara known for their crafts and techniques are known for their brilliant execution of chikankari and zardozi. The look that they have etched out for Noor is sexy, yet royal and is complemented by Awadhi pieces of jewellery including the famous ‘paasa’. The silhouettes are timeless and we see some beautiful lehengas, shararas and anarkalis in Jaanisaar. The colour palette goes from muted neutrals and whites with heavy gold accents to heavier hues like reds and greens.

A Touch Of Silk


Extensive use of silk and gota for Noor’s outfits during the performance numbers lends it that royal courtesan appeal. The jewellery has a timeless heritage feel with large chunky gold necklaces, maangtikkas, jhumkas, bangles and we even spy some ‘bazubandh’ or arm cuffs and ‘hath phool’ or palm jewellery, as they are popularly known.

Pearls That Matter


We also spy large ‘raanihaars’ in kundan and a touch of pearls to complete Noor’s look. It is not every day that fashion designers who also run a production house venture into movie making. Of course, the movies to emerge out of this design/production house have been exemplary in their own right and it makes you wonder if the details to the fashion in Jaanisaar would match that of the legendary Umrao Jaan. It is certainly something to laud the production house for when such intricate attention is paid to detail so as to perfect each costume, especially in the context of a period movie. Is it a trend we are looking for times to come wherein mainstream fashion designers design costumes for a movie? It definitely is. The costumes by Anju Modi for Ram Leela were definitely far from forgettable.

This season, the more the better, ladies.



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