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No Dating, Sooraj And Athiya!

The Hero Couple Is Bound By A ‘No Dating’ Clause And This Makes Us Sad

Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty are all set to make a grand debut with Hero. Backed by Salman Khan, the duo is doing everything right – from awesome social media handling to very noticeable public appearances. There’s one thing that they cannot do though – buzz is that the duo has been made to sign a ‘no dating’ clause (like they cannot date each other, not that they cannot date at all). Now, we understand that there are good reasons for such a clause to be put in place (one apparently being that Papa Shetty didn’t want his little girl dating Sooraj) but this disappoints us! Sorry, but it does! These two make an amazing couple! This is definitely one of the most sizzling magazine covers ever And take a look at this. An adorable picture, yes, but doesn’t the caption make your heart melt? Sooraj and Athiya are obviously very good friends (no, really). What is it that they say about best love stories happening between people who are first and foremost friends?

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