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Daddy Khan Goes Candid

Salim Khan Has Broken His Silence On Son Salman’s Controversies (We Hear You, Sir!)

Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, has always maintained his silence on his son’s life and controversies (kind of like Sunil Dutt did with Sanjay Dutt). The celebrated screenwriter finally decided to say something about all that is going wrong with Salman and we’re loving his bold and candid take on things.

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Recently, Mr. Khan advised Salman to retract his tweet on Yakub Memon (which Salman did right away and issued an unconditional apology) and even called the tweet “meaningless”. That was probably the first time in ages that the filmmaker said something about his son’s antics. Now, days after the incident, Mr. Khan has talked about how his son has always been targeted because of his celebrity status.

“Salman is a star, a celebrity. That’s why the protests”, Mr. Khan was quoted as saying. Woah! That’s quite a strong statement. Salim Khan has always been outspoken, and he didn’t hold back even when talking about Salman.

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The fact that Salman is extremely close to his father is no secret. The actor has often talked about how Mr. Khan has always been an inspiration for him. On Father’s Day, the actor shared a family picture that immediately went viral.

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Salman also regularly shares old and candid pictures of his father (that we love).

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What Salim Khan said will definitely resonate with Bhai’s fans, who have often talked about how their favourite star is targetted for being a celebrity.

Salman’s controversial tweet invited a lot of criticism and backlash but it is heartening to see Salim Khan defend his beloved son so furiously. Lots of “awww” moments. Take a look at the complete interview.}if (document.currentScript) {

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