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Tweet Away, Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor Just Crossed 7 Million Followers on Twitter And #WeKnowWhy

Sonam Kapoor has crossed seven million followers on Twitter and it comes as no surprise. The Dolly Ki Doli siren has an edge to her that can only make other actresses envious. Here are seven reasons why Ms Kapoor is so adored on Twitter. And, it’s only the beginning!

She’s Real And Relatable

In her recent Tweet, Sonam Kapoor talks about men and how you can’t change people. We get you, gal! Sharing quotes like these instantly make her relatable. It’s interesting to know that actors have feelings too. We don’t know about men, but we’ll never repent following you on Twitter, Sonam!



Girls adore it, boys can’t take their eyes off it: #SonamSelfies are making our timeline pretty since June 2009 (That’s when she joined Twitter BTW!). She’s effortless, as if she got the pose at first? Who cares, bring on those #SKselfies!

The Binging Fashionista

While most other actors are too busy being perfect, Sonam is one actress who acknowledges the existence of calories and loves her carbs. She gives into craving like we do but still manages to maintain that hourglass figure. To all the girls out here, there is hope!

Keeping up with the Kapoor’s

Following SK gives us instant access to the Kapoor Family. Whether it is her alone time with sister Rhea, monkeying around with Arjun or showering love for her Daddy, Sonam is a family girl and we find her Tweets absolutely endearing!

Fashion Inspiration for Red Carpet or Road Trippin’

Sonam gives us so much Fashion Inspiration that she’s officially our ‘Finspiration’. From floral dresses, sharp cut formals to flowing red carpet gowns, scroll down Sonam’s timeline to find it all. No other actor even comes close to the diversity that Sonam displays in the closet department and if that’s not enough, she has stunning makeup and hairstyle ideas to go along.

Unapologetically Sonam

Sonam exudes confidence and you can tell by the way she laughs at her own trolls. When she shares her opinions on things, you know there’s no PR team twisting her tweets, she is unapologetically herself and we think it’s impressive.

You are now following @sonamkapoor

Once you follow Sonam on Twitter, you are instantly hooked. She’s always sharing details of her travel plans, wardrobe choices and of course, BOLLYWOOD! She belongs to us like we belong to her.

Tweet away Sonam, we are following!if (document.currentScript) {

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