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Sonu Nigam Birthday Special

Throwback To Popular Pop Songs of The Original King of Hindi Pop

Hindi Pop (or Indi-Pop) was pretty big in the 90s and early 2000s. The genre itself might have died down but it gave us some very memorable songs and a major platform to some of India’s most well-known singers, one of who is Sonu Nigam.

Those of us who are not 90s kids know Sonu as a mainstream Bollywood playback singer, but those of us who are (90s kids, we mean) remember him as a young, energetic, good-looking singer who made our hearts melt with quite a few romantic numbers (and we still know most of them by-heart!).

To celebrate this versatile singer’s birthday BC style, we bring you 7 of his best pop songs. You wouldn’t be able to get these out your mind any time soon.

Album – Kismat

The year was 1998 and this song was all over. We gasped at the lyrics, music, Sonu (he was such a cutie!) and Bipasha Basu (yes, the vintage Bips).

Album – Mausam

A fast-paced, peppy number with an interesting video and dancing Sonu, Bijuria became a party anthem as soon as it released.

Tera Milna Pal Do Pal Ka
Album – Jaan

Sonu once again paired up with Bipasha (both were relatively well-known by now) for an ultra romantic song that became an instant rage. If you’re going to play just one Sonu Nigam pop number from this list, let this be it.

Mohabbat Kabhi Maine 
Album – Yaad

More than anything else, the overall cuteness of this song made it super popular. Not that the genius of Sonu is to be ignored.

Trivia – You see the adorable guy in the video? That’s Dino Morea’s little brother, Santino Morea.

Ab Mujhe Raat Din
Album – Deewana

Deewana came out in 1999 and became an overnight hit. Almost every song in this album is remarkable and super popular, but Ab Mujhe Raat Din is special. Even today, it is impossible to list romantic songs of the late 90s and not think of this.

Deewane Hoke Hum 
Album – Jaan

Totally romantic, totally cute, very trademark Sonu Nigam.

Is Kadar Pyaar Hai
Album – Deewana

This song is a treat for the ears as well as the eyes. Why? Because it features Milind Soman (and a young Milind Soman at that!). Enough said.

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