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Bollywood Sure Knows How To Wear Tees!

#Trendalert: Tee Shirts With A Message That Our Stars Flaunt Mindlessly

Sometimes, there is a lot in a tee. Not just the fit and the cut and all things that make it the real deal. It’s the message that sometimes unknowingly put out. And our stars surely know how to wear these beauties and flaunt them to perfection – because sometimes, the message is the personality. The message is the hero and just sometimes, the message makes all the difference!

Kareena’s Karma
Timely, I’ll say. But Kareena’s Zadig & Voltaire Karma tee is a hidden message to Shahid, looks like. She’s worn to perfection with mirrored sunnies and black loose pants for brunch. This is what we call happy style – because it shows off a certain effortlessness and ease that Kareena is now known for.

Anushka Sharma’s Rad Bad Tee
The spokeswoman for quirky tees has spoken and that only means one thing – Anushka sure knows what to say without ruffling any feathers. Her self-proclaimed Kanika Goyal tee is all things wonderful because it has a new boxy silhouette and loads of attitude.

Nobody’s Kangana
Denim jumpsuits and easy peasy tees go very well with airports. And that’s exactly what Kangana wears and carries off stylishly. Her “Just Nobody” tee is barely visible but can send out a super humble but hipster message out into the fashion world. Love it!
Priyanka’s Got Her Groove On
On her birthday this year, everyone expected Priyanka to be all dressed up in a cocktail gown and updos but PC surprised them all when she turned up in a tee that said “OK I GOT THIS”. Well, with her new plait and simple distressed denims, she knew how things will be – interesting and svelte.
Lost in Love Jacqueline Fernandez
This one is so simple that it blew our mind away. Jacqueline’s sweet Zoe Karssen sweatshirt that says Lost is just the thing you need to wake you up on a gloomy day. When in doubt, wear that sweatshirt and make it work.
Hipster Sonakshi
At the success bash of Badlapur, Sonakshi Sinha wore a cute Hipster tee and black pants with a neat pair of tan heels. Such a refreshing look that had us at hello. The artwork on the tee was victorian and fun – both at the same time and Sonakshi wore it with her nicest smirk.
Beliefs Intact Shraddha
Tees are practically what Shraddha lives in so when we saw her in a green “Don’t Stop Believing” tee, we simply laughed. Because she wears hers with attitude and a certain sincerity. Her pants were skinny and her tee loose and that very urban look has Shraddha’s signature right across it. We liked the way she kept casual aspirational.

Deepika Padukone’s Coke
This one’s really vintage and Deepika sure knows how to pull it off in style. Her Madison floral skirt paired up with an “Enjoy Coke” tee is the stuff brands aspire for (because she attended a coke event in coke, yougetit?). Best of all, she wore it with panache and carried it off with a messy ponytail.

Fab Fab Aditi

Self-confidence is what Aditi is aiming at this time when she wore this cute “Whatever, I’m Fabulous” tee. Her look said it all – tan oxfords, loose black pants and a neat Michael Kors bag to boot. Her look was effortless and fun – and she wore her tee with all the gumption she had.

Pajama Fun With Yami
It was a sweet and simple Shivangi Sahni pencil skirt for Yami as her tee screamed aloud “Pajama Party”. It was a good look – a graphic print tee with a striped skirt – a combo that’s more chic and urban than any other. She also wore with panache and love and it shows!

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