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Here’s How Tabu Bowled Over The Industry

One of the highlights of the trailer of Drishyam, the latest Ajay Devgan movie that will be releasing soon is Tabu. The role is tailor-made for Tabu who plays a top cop in desperate search for her son and she suspects that Ajay Devgan’s character is behind the disappearance of her son. Drishyam, a remake of the Mohanlal starrer that is considered as one of the finest movies ever made in the history of Malayalam cinema, may or may not become a box-office success but it surely will have several power-packed performances and Tabu definitely stands out among them.

Tabu has recently hit a career surge with her role in Haider where she played Shahid Kapoor’s mother. An adaptation of Hamlet with Kashmir militancy in the backdrop, Haider turned out to be a commercial success as well as critically successful with Tabu’s performance singled out for praise. Bollywood was bowled over by this ageless performer who has done commercial as well as art movies with equal ease. There is no doubt that Tabu has been one of the most consistent performers and yes, the camera loves her rather it awaits impatiently for her to stand in front of it so that it can capture this diva performing.

Talking of Drishyam, this is a reunion of sorts for Tabu and Ajay Devgan who have worked together in movieslike Haqeeqat,Vijaypath andTakshak. It was Vijaypath that was Tabu’s first career hit. The movie is known for the iconic, trend-setting song Ruk Ruk Ruk picturized on her and of course, the fantastic chemistry they shared on screen.

Two more movies that deserve a mention here is Jeet and Saajan Chale Sasural that were box-office success and cemented Tabu’s position in the industry. Both Jeet and Saajan Chale Sasural saw Tabu having Karishma Kapoor as her co-star but Tabu still managed to woo one and all in both the movies with her versatility.

In a recent interview, Tabu has accepted she loves commercial movies more than art movies but it doesn’t mean she shied from roles that demanded extreme efforts. If we look at her filmography it shows the different movies, both commercial and art that Tabu has been part of.

Two facets of Tabu’s career can be observed here. One, such roles brought out strong independent characters while many of these movies were politically charged. In Astitva, Tabu plays the role of a housewife and is happy with her mundane existence even though her husband can often be controlling and demanding. She has lived all her life for her husband and son but when a secret comes out, this situation comes under threat and she finally leaves her family. Tabu’s performance astounded all and heralded a new beginning in her career.

With Gulzar, she has done brilliantly in movies like Maachis and Hu Tu Tu that focused on several important political events in India. Tabu’s performance in these movies reminded many of Smita Patil. Rather Tabu’s careergraph can be compared with Smita Patil. Smita Patil worked with a number of great directors be it in commercial as well as art-movies. Tabu’s fimlography is equally envious where she has worked with directors like Ang Lee as well as Mira Nair. Her role was extremely pivotal in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi while in Mira Nair’s The Namesake where she plays the Bengali housewife Ashima and how she immigrates to the land of opportunities i.e. USA after getting married. The movie though based on Tabu’s son Gogol (played by Kal Penn), a large chunk of the movie was dedicated to Ashima and how she copes with culture shock but slowly finds a place of herself in the American society.

Tabu has had a strange relationship with Bollywood and unlike Madhuri Dixit or Karishma Kapoor or even Raveena Tandon, Tabu’s filmography is a mixed bag. She has done movies that often make you scratch your head and you wonder what she is doing in a movie like this but then once you see her performance you are simply blown away. One of her career defining moments has to be Vishal Bharadwaj’s Maqbool, based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth where she plays Lady Macbeth opposite Irfan Khan. Once again her acting became the high-point of this movie that mixed Mumbai Gangland with Shakespearean tropes. Critcally acclaimed, this movie paved the way for Tabu to appear in Bharadwaj’s Haider and the rest as they say was history because Haider gave Tabu a second innings in Bollywood, something that legions of her fans were waiting for.

Tabu apart from Drishyam has a number of movies in the pipeline, like the one on the Arushi Talwar murder mystery called Nyodda. Tabu’s career has seen many hits and a few misses but her fans will swear by her electrifying performances on-screen. We hope we will see more of Tabu in the coming years as she has much more to offer.

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