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When Madhuri Dixit Sang, ‘Batata Wada’: It’s Mrs Nene’s Birthday And We Thought We’ll Give You 6 Madhuri Songs You Might Not Remember

6 Madhuri Dixit Songs You Might Not Remember
Today is Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit’s birthday. Although it’s her 48th birthday, technically, the diva doesn’t look a day over 25 (how are you doing this, Mrs Nene??). A die-hard fan once raised a request for Madhuri’s birthday to be declared a national holiday (no one took him seriously, of course), and while we may never say something like this, we are pretty ardent Madhuri fans, too.

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at this list of super rare songs featuring the birthday girl that we’ve put together. We know these songs, we remember and we love… didn’t even have to research.

Batata Wada – Hifazat (1987)

Before Tezaab and Keh Do Ki Tum Ho Meri Varna happened, there was something called Hifazat featuringBatata Wada. Love Madhuri enough to love this? We do!

Ek Rasgulla – Izzatdaar (1990)

This song is all about love, and sweets. Maybe this was Madhuri’s ‘obsessed with food’ phase. She looks cute, nonetheless.

I Love You – Maha Sangram (1990)

Did you think Sridevi was the only one who went “I Love You” in the rain? Wrong…so wrong.

Tum Bansi Bajate Ho – Khilaaf (1991)

Madhuri Dixit and Chunky Pandey as a film’s lead pair. Yes, that happened.

O Rabba Koi Toh Bataye – Sangeet (1992)

Madhuri was being hailed for films like Saajan, 100 Days, Beta and Prahaar off shore viagra , and Sangeet went under the radar quietly, as did this song. Honestly though, it has serious potential.

Kitna Pyaar Karta Hoon – Phool (1993)

While Madhuri is as gorgeous as ever, Kumar Gaurav looks awkward. Never mind, watch this for the birthday girl.

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