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Athiya Shetty: 10 Adorable Pictures and a Magazine Cover That Tells Us She Will Be BIG Very Soon!


She’s spunky and smart – very much an ordinary girl-next door and yet, she will be in the big league soon. Honestly, it’s not a prediction, more like an eventuality. Because Athiya Shetty, the pretty daughter of Sunil and Mana Shetty is surely and slowly making her way towards superstardom. Her only fault right now? Being subtle as hell. Not making social media fall in love with her. But we are hoping that this firebrand is staying calm for a lot of reasons – the biggest one being, waiting for her talent to show in her first film. Agreeable with us. But this month, she’s dangled a carrot and we are loving it. She is the cover girl on Harper’s Bazaar India this month as a bride and oh, what a delight she is! With sindhoor-laden hair and a killer dress – Athiya stole our hearts in Amit Agarwal and Dior. What we loved was the bold look – the first cover choice, rather unconventional for a first-timer in Bollywood. So we picked up 10 amazing selfies she gave the world to tell you that she arrived! *pick up the clues on why she will make it big, won’t you?

July 3rd has been set as the release date of her film, Hero. Athiya is paired up with Sooraj Pancholi, Aditya Pancholi’s son. This one is her reminder – that Hero is here and is going to take these two little stars all the way to Bollywood.


She seems to love dogs – her instagram feed is full of puppies and dogs. Hmmm, animal lover!


More selfies with her dog. This one just doesn’t get tired of posing with the mutts.


On the sets of Hero, the Film. Ah, the beauty of backlit pictures and the coy girl that Athiya is.


We adore kiddie pictures and Athiya seems to be a doll. Her pictures show her posing away with a bunch of friends and her brother!


She loves these selfies with her favourite cousins. Athiya keeps her look casual and effortless – we’re loving her no-frills approach.


Goofing around with her friends and making faces at the camera – Athiya is your quintessential girl-next-door.


In this picture – she looks exactly like her mother, Mana Shetty. We love her smile.


Swimsuits and BFFs, Athiya Shetty is already turning out to be quite a fashionista going by the strappy suit she sports in this picture! Let’s not forget her favourite aviators that crop up in every picture!


The big Shetty family photo – it reminds us of the bachchan one. But you can see how proud the parents are of the children!


And the cover is here with all it’s glory and it tell us once again that Athiya Shetty is quite the heroine – she knows how to work her looks and keeps us guessing.


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