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Piku’s Bezubaan Featuring Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan Is A Delight For The Ears

Deepika And Irrfan
After the Journey Song, makers of Piku have treated us to the film’s second song Bezubaan, and it is an absolute delight. The slow and melodious romantic number is picturised on Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan and their chemistry is adorable.

Till now, Piku had been all about the father-daughter relationship but Bezubaan shifts the focus to a couple slowly journeying from attraction to love.

Crooned by Anupam Roy and written by Manoj Yadav and Anupam Roy, Bezubaan has mostly been shot against the backdrop of Kolkata. We see Deepika and Irrfan reminiscing the times that they’ve spent together (maybe they’ve decided not to see each other anymore). We were given glimpses of the couple’s rather difficult relationship in the trailer and then again in the Journey Song. In Bezubaan, we see the same in more detail – there’s love, longing and loss, all rolled into 3 minutes of soothing music.

If you’re going to add just one song to your playlist today, let it be Bezubaan. It is one of the best melodies that we have heard in the recent times and we’re definitely giving this soulful song a 5-star rating.

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