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From Rustic To Majestic, The Sartorial Transformation Of Sonakshi Sinha

When we thought Sonakshi Sinha could only do no-substance films like Dabangg, she gave us a superb performance in a film like Lootera. Around the same time, Sonakshi who had long only hidden her body in saris and anarkalis decided to change it up and go for a more contemporary avatar with bodycon dresses which helped her enhance her curves.

Modelling For Lakme Fashion Week (2008-2009)


Before she made her debut in the 2010 blockbuster film Dabangg, Sonakshi was a costume designer and model who walked for Lakme Fashion Week way back in 2008 and 2009. The few pictures we got to see had Sonakshi in the weirdest of outfits. We can just blame it on something called experimenting while growing up. We mean the only person who can justify wearing a kurta with jeans and sneakers is a 90 year old aunty who loves going for walks.

Super Cutesy (2010)


When she made her debut in Dabangg, no one could deny that Sonakshi had a certain star quality in her. She was fresh faced, wasn’t stick thin like a majority of the actresses and she loved going au naturale. Her style was pretty much super cutesy with a strong emphasis on her long long mane.

Embracing her curves (2011)


Sonakshi is one of the actresses who’s often lambasted for her weight in an industry where being thin is the norm. Sonakshi fought back her critics by embracing her curves and her love for food. We like these bodycon dresses on her but the shirt and shorts combo looks a little dowdy on her. Although Sonakshi looks pretty, coy and Indian in the sarees, we frankly got tired of seeing her decked in them all the time.

The Halter Mistake (2012)


If you’re heavier on your upper half specifically with bigger arms, one style that you should avoid like the plague is the halter style that hides everything and puts all the emphasis on the arms. We’re sorry but only Govinda can carry off those yellow pants and multi-coloured pants. That black dress though is perfect for her and offsets her strong shoulders beautifully but the makeup and shoe is all wrong.

Sleek and Chic (2013)


We absolutely love Sonakshi’s sleek and chic choices. Nothing screams class more than a white shirt and black pants combo, we adore the mint heels addition to the look. She got the simple red carpet look pat down in the sheer off-shoulder dress. The gladiator dress for the Colors Screen Awards seemed a little OTT as she looks like she walked out of the sets of Game Of Thrones. We love the white anarkali look with red lips. A total 10 from us.

Getting Experimental (2014-2015)


In the last year and a half, we’ve seen Sonakshi wear mermaid gowns, shorts, pant-suits, skater and short dresses. We love how her stylist Sakshi Mehra is getting Sonakshi to step out of her comfort zone and experiment with cuts, silhouettes and shapes. Here is hoping Sonakshi keeps up this fashion experiment.

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