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Why Dum Laga Ke Haisha Is Such A Refreshing Film And Why You Should Catch It In Theatres Before It Wilts Away

um Laga Ke Haisha

This writer caught Dum Laga Ke Haisha over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see the theatre was quite full. Dum Laga Ke Haisha has become a hit, purely based on the accolades it has been generating through word of mouth. Heck, the lead actress Bhumi Pednekar wasn’t even allowed to give interviews and the film actors were told not to promote the movie in any way. DLKH is a refreshingly different film and just like Queen, is low on budget and high on heart. Here’s what we learnt from it:

The Actress Isn’t Stick Thin

Well that’s the whole crux of the plot but for once we were glad that we didn’t have to see a lead actress with her ribs sticking out. Unlike the Deepika’s and Anushka’s, Bhumi actually looks like the women you see on the streets or in your family.

The Performances Feel Real

Not just the lead actors, it’s also the supporting characters that add so much depth and value to the plot. From the strict father to the snarky bua, the performances are so well performed and sketched out.

Sandhya Sticks Up For Herself

It was heartening to see Sandhya not let anything or anyone break her confidence. She’s proud of who is she and she’s extremely practical. She doesn’t let anyone bully her and can stand up to everyone, even her parents.

A Virtual Recap Of The 90s

Remember the good old 90s, when we were still listening to cassettes and Kumar Sanu was such a rage. Well it’s all been showcased here along with the ugly sweaters and the ribbons in the hair. For someone born in the 90s, it was a virtual recap of my childhood days.

Sandhya Doesn’t Play Coy

Whether it’s dancing rambunctiously at the wedding, buying some sexy nighties or initiating the sex with her reluctant husband, Sandhya doesn’t believe in playing coy. It’s such a relief to see an uninhibited woman instead of the one who blushes at the sight of husband.

We See A Hen-Pecked Son Grow Up

Prem is constantly belittled by his father and as a result he feels like a failure and wants to kill himself. After an incident involving Sandhya, Prem comes out of his shell and starts to work towards making his life better.

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