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We Remember The Songs, Not The Films: 6 Hit Songs From Flop Movies You Don’t Even Know Existed

Tevar was a disappointing film, but we love ‘Superman’. Also, Roy didn’t click but Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan has turned into a club anthem. This is nothing new, actually. We often come across really good songs that stay with us, from bad or simply forgettable films. No one wants to talk about the films, let alone watch them, but the songs become a permanent feature on party, sangeet, wedding, picnic, etc, playlists.

Have a look at six such songs.

Song: Kaali Teri Choti

Film :Bahaar Aane Tak

Sumit Sehgal has got some seriously good moves and Rupa Ganguly is looking super cute. You probably know the song. Remember the film? No? We thought so.

Song: Falak Tak Chal

Film: Tashan

Let’s be honest, no one cares about Tashan, never did. The music, however, is pretty good, especially Falak Tak Chal. Just listen to it with your eyes closed because Akshay Kumar’s buckteeth are irritating and Kareena Kapoor is no better in her ‘size zero’ avatar.

Song: Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho

Film: Salaami

The Ayub Khan starrer came out in 1994, and that’s all we know. The song, though, no one can ignore or forget. It is still one of the most popular romantic songs of the 1990s.

Song: Bin Tere Sanam

Film: Yara Dildara

In 1991, Aashif Sheikh got a chance to play the male lead of a film that, unfortunately, bombed really bad at the box office and was soon forgotten. A song from the movie, however, did make it big enough to catch DJ Suketu’s attention.

Song: Tujhe Na Dekhun Toh

Film: Rang

Rang is one of those films that prove that a multi-starrer doesn’t always work, even if you bring in Jeetendra. Divya Bharti looks very cute, but that’s not enough. We love the songs though (thank you Nadeem-Shravan!), especially Tujhe Na Dekhun Toh.

Song: Gal Mithi Mithi Bol

Film: Aisha

Neither Sonam Kapoor’s designer bags and shoes nor Abhay Deol’s smouldering good looks could make Aisha an interesting watch. Gal Mithi Mithi Bol, however, has become a sangeet-and-wedding anthem. The songs are all good, actually.

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