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Bappi Lahiri Lambasts AIB Roast: Says The Controversial Video Aas Against Indian Culture

Most of Bollywood has supported AIB and their controversial roast video featuring Karan Johar Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. While there are whispers that SRK, Salman and Anil Kapoor found the roast offensive, not a single known name from the industry has gone on record to state so in public. But one man dared to come out in open with his honest point of view, Bappi Lahiri. While others in B-town have been trying to avoid the contentious AIB question, the veteran music composer didn’t flinch when asked to give an opinion about the same.

Without mincing words, Bappida said, “I will agree that whatever happened was against Indian culture. We are in India and not America. Our culture is way different from theirs. In our culture, we are taught to respect elders, our parents and women. Whatever happened was surely shameful.”

Without taking any names Bappida said that he would never ever agree to be a part of something as offensive and vulgar.”I will never be a part of anything like this. The youth especially kids are impressionable and I wouldn’t want to do anything that would set a wrong example. Everyone should respect our great culture. If we ourselves don’t respect it, then who else will?”

The singer-musician is currently busy nurturing talent from the slums of Mumbai. His initiative called Slum Stars has slum kids singing for his new album. Calling them the future superstars Bappi said there is a need to tap into the immense potential in slum kids and which often remains untapped.


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