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Gauhar Khan takes on her molester, says, “this loser does not represent my beautiful faith”

Gauhar Khan, the victim of one of the most shameful moral policing incidents in recent memory, is one strong and inspiring woman. A couple of days ago, she left the stage in tears after being slapped for wearing skimpy clothes and was too appalled to talk to the media.

And today, Gauhar Khan’s bounced back, talking about how although she’s hurt and shocked, the incident hasn’t demoralised her in any way.

She says, “I thank my family, friends, fans, media, TV industry and film industry for all the love and support. I assure you all that I am hurt but not out. I am shocked but more determined. I felt injured but stronger than ever.”

About her attacker, Gauhar Khan says, “This loser doesn’t represent my beautiful faith which in itself means peace and submission. He apparently attacked me because I am an actress. He wanted to send out his warped message. I am using the same status to appeal to all women to stand against such acts.”
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