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The stage is one of Farhan Akhtar’s biggest fears!

Farhan Akhtar might be a big star and might have been in the world of showbiz for a really really long time now but there’s one fear that he can’t get rid of and it’s the fear of the stage! Who would’ve thought that the man who’s faced cameras and crowds for such a long time in his life is harrowed by stage fear right?

Read what Farhan Akhtar himself sad about it in a recent interview and you’re going to have to believe it…“Every single time! I equate it to jumping out of a plane. I have done 100-plus jumps by now, but every time I go to the door, there’s always that one little element of ‘what if’? at the back of my head. But once you jump off, it’s just incredible. Even during my concerts, I get that same feeling when I walk up the stairs to the stage. I take a deep breath, but it’s always good after that.”

So do you believe it now? It sure must be a hard battle for Farhan Akhtar between his love for performing in front of the crowds and fear that accompanies it!

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