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When Salman Khan hurt his ex, Sangeeta Bijlani!

Salman Khan’s always maintained a great relationship with his exes, except for a certain Mrs Bachchan and we know that too well. Sangeeta Bijlani though was one among those exes who’s been having a great relationship with Salman and his family.But now, he’s miffed her seriously, and that apparently is by not inviting her to the big Khan wedding…

Nearly all of bollywood was at the wedding and most of the country’s who’s who were all at the wedding. So it would only seem fair to invite Sangeeta Bijlani to the wedding. But for some reason, Bhai did not.

Looks like when it comes to his long list of exes, Salman has his favourites and Kat is definitely one among those luckier ones…!

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  1. Salim

    November 28, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Salman is a cheap fellow.

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