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“I’m too small for a biopic on me” Shah Rukh Khan!

Shah Rukh Khan has perhaps had the most inspiring and touching life of all of the bollywood stars and his growth into the Baadshah is definitely phenomenal. So much that it would actually be a great idea to have a biopic made on the star. But then, humbleness is what the biggest people are always made of, they say, and Shah Rukh Khan who is no exception to this thinks that “he is too small a person for a biopic to be made on him”!

This is what King Khan said, talking about how he’d like to star in biopics but wouldn’t want a biopic made on him.. “I am for biopics. I would love to do one if I suit the role. But if you are asking me if I want someone to make a biopic on me, I’d say no! I will be very honest. It is very awkward to think of myself as so important that I should play me on screen! As a matter of fact, my personal life is so unimportant that I would never allow a Shah Rukh Khan to star in it. I would rather say to myself, ‘Tum bohut baade star ho, Itne chhote aadmi ke life ke baare mein hum tumko nahi le sakta’ (you’re too big a star to play a biopic on the life of someone so insignificant) I would never get cast to play my own life because I don’t think my life is so important or interesting.”

Aah…don’t we love Shah Rukh Khan’s sense of humor!


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  1. Salim

    November 28, 2014 at 8:50 am

    At least you have admitted it. You are an overated actor, Mr. Khan. You are lucky that the Stupid Indian mass has given you so much respect when you really do not deserve so much.

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