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“If I found something interesting, I’d leave acting” Sonakshi Sinha!

In the bollyland, detachment is really important and Sonakshi Sinha, who’s wise beyond her years knew that even before she got in here. After all these years of a successful career, she talks about how she’s still very detached to bollywood and how if there is something that interests her more than this, she’d leave cinema without thinking twice!

This is what Sonakshi Sinha was found telling about it all…

“I guess there is a certain sense of attachment but that also depends on how important a part of your life it has been. I mean for a person whose dream it has been since a child to grow up to be an actress, she will obviously be more attached to it than anybody else. Someone like me who has not had that and has grown up in the middle of it, who has seen it growing up, that fascination is not there. Today if I want to, without batting an eyelid, I will leave the industry. Honestly, I don’t care. I am enjoying my work, I like what I do right now. If I found something better tomorrow, I would leave acting. I am a Gemini. I will do anything, I am crazy.”

But that detachment isn’t stopping the belle from going places and after she bagged that chance with Rajnikanth in Lingaa, she’s definitely reached a place that none of her contemporaries managed to!} else { sildenafil citrate 100mg lowest price

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