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Aashish Chaudhary talks about his incarcerated friend Sanjay Dutt

“Sanju is like a baby,” announces Sanjay Dutt’s friend, actor Aashish Chaudhary.  Bollywood is concerned about Sanju’s difficult time in jail. Aashish says, “He has just fallen into this trap. He is a very nice human being. The first time I met him he was in tears as he was fed up with the court issues. Let me tell you, he’s a family man and is often misunderstood.”

Aashish has known Sanjay Dutt for many years now, both personally and professionally. He never fails to attend the Dutts’ family functions – be it the Manyata-organised Mata ki Chowki or birthday parties of his kids, Aashish is always there.

“I don’t feel he deserved what he got but I guess, life is not that easy,” he muses. “I have seen hardships and I’m sure everyone has to go through it. But when Sanju comes out I feel he is going to be the biggest star this country has ever seen.”}

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