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Ranveer Singh thinks he is over-rated as an actor!

As if there are not enough reasons to totally love Ranveer Singh, here he is, showing off his incredible modesty, that will only make us love him all the more! Because, in a recent interview, he was talking about how he was over-rated as an actor!

This is what Ranveer Singh said about him being over-rated, “I watch my performances and I hate all of them. I wish I could do better. So the amount of acclaim that I get I am very happy with it. So i don’t find myself to be underrated if at all I find myself to be overrated.”

But how can he say that? Especially after movies like Gunday and Ram Leela where he totally nailed it in the acting department? I guess that’s how it is with all of them great artists…they’re never thing they are good enough!

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