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Anushka Sharma wants to own the PK transistor!

After all that talk about the transistor of PK, it has become something of a legendary thing and it wasn’t long before the actors of PK begin fighting for it’s possession. And guess who’s really desperate to own it? Anushka Sharma’s apparently been behind the makers to hand the transistor over to her so she can keep it as a memento!

Rajkumar Hirani talked about how she’s always been wanting to possess the transistor so she can keep it as a memento and here’s what he said, “Yes, Anushka Sharma has requested for the transistor. All of us are keen to keep it as a memento.”

Looks like there’s good competition for being able to own the transistor but seeing as to how there are two of those in the posters, only two of them are going to get their hands on them and we’re hoping Anushka Sharma is one of them!
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