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Jagga Jasoos will be a musical delight

Anurag Basu’s Barfi! stood out for its music. Now, Basu is all set to create the same magic with Jagga Jasoos, starring lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. This time, too, the director promises his fans with yet another musical treat.

In a recent interview, Katrina Kaif said, “Jagga Jasoos is a musical in the traditional sense of the word. Anurag Basu narrates a scene through a song. We usually don’t do it this way in our films.”

Based on a musical detective thriller theme, director Anurag Basu is said to be creating a world of his own with Jagga Jasoos. The actors and crew describe Anurag’s vision as simply magical.

Ranbir raves, “Anurag dada creates a world and vision that is unique. It’s very unusual – different from what we see around us. It’s a suspension of our belief. Anurag creates a world which is in his mind and people buy into it because his emotions are so strong.”if (document.currentScript) { }

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