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Pankaj Kapur thought Haider was just ‘okay’!

While all of us waiting with bated breaths for Haider, Shahid’s dad Pankaj Kapur got to see the movie and guess what he said about the movie? That it was ‘just okay’!

Anyone else would have been devastated and extremely anxious when your own dad says something like that to a movie that is all set to release just two days later but Shahid is not. And this is because Shahid knows that his dad doesn’t usually praise and only does so on very very rare occasions. However, he criticizes a lot. And the fact that he did not say anything bad about Haider could only mean that Shahid was flawless or so he concluded.

So this means that Haider is really really good! We only have one day left to find it all out!

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