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Kareena Kapoor completely ignorant of the Mars mission!

Kareena Kapoor just proved that we were right all those times that we compared Alia Bhatt with her, when she replied with a “what?” upon being asked about what she had to say on the Indian Mars mission! And then what she said later when the question was repeated is only funnier, if anything!

So this is what happened… In a recent event in Mumbai, she was asked about her opinion on the Mars mission and she was completely confused with the question. Kareena Kapoor then asked the interviewer to repeat the question a three times and still couldn’t understand anything of it. After the interviewer then gave her an explanation of how they recently launched the Mangalyaan into Mars this is what Kareena Kapoor said,

“Great. That’s a great day for us. I also want to go to space, meri bhi yahi ichcha hai.”

Wait..what? She wants to go to space? Wow…Maybe Alia’s better off!

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