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Danny Denzongpa “I play a mysterious character in Bang Bang”

“I play a mysterious character in Bang Bang.” That’s how Danny Denzongpa, who’s himself a bit of a mystery in Bollywood given his reclusive nature, describes his role in the upcoming Hrithik Roshan starrer. Danny’s presence in Bang Bang has been kept hush-hush so far. Finally, last week, the makers revealed the first look of Omar Zafar, the villain played by the veteran 66-year-old.

Spilling the beans, Danny tells BC, “It’s not like any ordinary negative character. It’s really interesting in the sense that he’s got a mystery element to him. He’s very deceptive. Nobody has seen him and nobody knows where he is. The hero (Hrithik) is in search of him and he tries to hunt him with the help of clues left behind. It’s not a lengthy role but quite powerful.”

Not many know that Danny has worked with Hrithik before in the Rakesh Roshan-produced Bhagwaan Dada – the latter’s first film as a child actor. “I’d done a fight sequence with him in Bhagwaan Dada,” Danny reveals, laughing. “In Bang Bang, we have hand-to-hand combat scenes in the climax,” says Danny who calls Hrithik “a bundle of energy.” When the senior actor first saw Hrithik in Bhagwaan Dada, he instantly saw a star quality in him. “I told Rakesh that Hrithik will become a big star some day.”

And, Hrithik didn’t let him down either.}} else {

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