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10 Advantages of Having a Lively and Energetic Best Friend

All you nerds – your entire life, you have been a book worm, with your head buried deep into novels, not knowing that there is a beautiful world outside your window and beyond the printed words. Your parents strictly warned you about the kind of friends you should make – studious, intelligent and only toppers. You have no clue about the P of pubbing and C of clubbing. You are shy, under-confident and a typical introvert.

Are you all of that? Well, you are doomed. On second thoughts, not quite. Just in case you come across someone who’s opposite of you – extrovert, lively, energetic and happy-go-lucky, DON’T LET THAT PERSON GO!

He/she is for keeps. We bring you 10 advantages of having a joyful best friend.


1. They will introduce you to new people, thus helping you get more friends – some good, some bad. Either ways, it’s a win-win.


2. They’ll help you explore new places. Hanging out with them at some hot and happening spot will add spice to your life.


3. They always speak their mind. And, NO, they don’t care if you feel bad. So, if you are dressed as a joker and all eyes are on you, you know where to run.


4. They are always up to something, be it pulling someone’s leg or cracking a poor joke at somebody’s expense. Bet, there’ll never be a dull moment.


5. If you ever feel low, you know where to go! Yes, these lively people always have a readymade plan to cheer you up or help you sail out of the toughest situation.


6. You tend to act mad and ridiculous just like them and what’s funny is that you won’t even be aware of it. You’ll just get into the groove. In fact, people might soon see a replica of your extrovert friend in you.


7. They know all the latest fashion trends, lingos and of course, the oven-fresh gossip. After all, everyone wants to be friends with them. They are the popular ones, don’t forget.


8. They are the epitome of ‘Boys are having all the fun.’ Be it a coffee shop, disco or classroom, their energy levels are the same.


9. They have an answer to all your problems – love, life, family, you name it. And, a solution, too.


10. They are never sad. They see the silver lining while you see the black cloud. You’re always happy-go-lucky when you are with them. Finally, their happiness and life sparkle may rub off on you, too.

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