Jacqueline Fernandez gets attacked by monkeys in Malaysia!

Jacqueline Fernandez is such a hot and happening thing after her sensational ‘Kick’ that even monkeys aren’t leaving her alone! Confused? So when Jacqueline Fernandez along with Ranbir Kapoor was shooting for Roy in Langkawi islands of Malaysia, she got attacked by a horde of monkeys. It wasn’t just one time, but a lot of times that the monkeys attacked her, by snatching away her food and sometimes even showing up at the villa where she was residing!

What’s surprising is that despite so many of the crew being there for the shoot, it is only Jacqueline Fernandez that the monkeys seem to be interested in! They aren’t even looking at Ranbir Kapoor, who’s also shooting with her at the islands.

This led to the producer not believing her when she asked him to do something about the monkeys despite her requesting him on it.  Hmm..we’d suggest taking a picture of the monkeys next time they attack the pretty lady, so that the rest of the crew would then believe her…!

Meanwhile, the duo, Jacqueline and Ranbir Kapoor are sporting some new and amazing avatars as was released in the leaked picture from the sets of Roy. We can’t spot any monkeys in the leaked picture..can you?

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