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Priyanka Chopra loved being a bride!

We wouldn’t have thought that someone who’s as much of a workaholic as Priyanka Chopra would like marriage all that much until she revealed in an interview of hers that she always loved dressing up as a bride even as a kid.

And if you thought that she wasn’t really the kind of person who would believe in marriage, you’re totally wrong as Priyanka Chopra also said that she would love to get married one day, when she finds the right guy.

“Every girl dreams of it, but in my case, I have not found the right boy for myself. It’s true my standards are very high and I haven’t found the right guy. Whenever I will find the right guy, I will get married” Priyanka Chopra was found telling the media in a recent interview of hers.

“Since I was four years old, I used to deck up like a bride for fancy dress competitions because that’s my favourite look” PC added, talking about her obsession with the bridal look!
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