“I was not a great student” reveals Kareena Kapoor!

Kareena Kapoor might today be a star that a lot of people can only dream of becoming but when she was young, she wasn’t such a good student at all! In fact, she hated going to school and most of her teachers didn’t give her any attention and she revealed all this and more in a recent interview when she was questioned as she was in the capital yesterday to launch a child friendly schools and systems package.

My mother used to wake me up at 6 a.m. for school. I would tell her to give me one more hour to sleep. I thought I had the pressure of carrying a heavy bag. I would even sleep a bit in class. I wasn’t given much attention (by teachers) because I was an average student. So, I wanted to study at home or watch movie” was what Kareena Kapoor said talking about her school woes!

But for Bebo, the interaction between a student and teacher is really important as she thought that teachers are as important as mothers for a kid. “When a child is punished, there should be an explanation. So interaction is important” said Kareena Kapoor on that note.

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