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CBFC and Deepika disagree on the usage of ‘virgin’ in Finding Fanny!

Finding Fanny’s latest trailer while every bit wacky and funny also has a scene where in Deepika talks about her virginity. Although there isn’t anything lewd or inappropriate about it, the censor board of film certification doesn’t seem to think so. They thought that the usage of the word ‘virgin’ just wasn’t right for the audiences!

And this didn’t go down all that well with Deepika Padukone who slammed the CBFC. “I don’t think their request is valid. I believe that there is no system to this. Every six months the rules keep changing… There is no consistency to what is being said and done,” an angry Deepika ranted away, “They should see it in the context of the scene and the film, you can’t just pick put one word and say, ‘Oh, we are not allowing this word.’Secondly, give us a reason why you are not allowing us to show certain things. But they are the final authority and we will accept what they say.”

Arjun Kapoor, the male lead of Finding Fanny too wasn’t too happy with the decision of the censor board except that his anger was not of the same degree as Deepika. He thought that it was the audiences the CBFC should think about and not themselves and this is what he was found telling the media, “Censorship is for the audience and if they (censor board) realise that the audience does not find anything wrong with something, I hope they can change their minds so that we can make films for the audience.”

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