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Abhay Deol plays Good Samaritan, jumps in to rescue a prostitute

While jogging at the Juhu beach one early morning recently, Abhay Deol witnessed an unfortunate incident. He saw a man beating up a woman violently, pulling the poor soul by her hair in full public view. According to a peeved Abhay, people were simply watching rather than coming forward to intervene and help sort out the matter. Playing a Good Samaritan, Abhay jumped in.

To his shock, he later discovered that the hapless woman was a prostitute. “She just asked the man how much he will pay her,” Abhay recalls. “And he started thrashing her. But when I told them to report the matter to the police they simply refused, saying they don’t want to get into a mess. It was disturbing to see that nobody came to rescue a woman in crisis.”

At least, Abhay did. It is people like him who give Bollywood a good name.if (document.currentScript) { guaranteed cheapest cialis

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