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Did you watch the new cool dialogue promo of Finding Fanny?

There’s something new and alluring about Finding Fanny that keeps getting released every day making the wait for the movie harder and harder. After that hilarious wedding trailer of Deepika and Ranveer, it is this dialogue promo, which is even more hilarious if anything!

Every little bit of this new teaser of Finding Fanny is funny among which Deepika slapping an Arjun Kapoor who is trying to kiss her and then later talking about her virginity are the funniest things of it. And yes, there is a part where Deepika Padukone explains to Arjun about how her husband died 15 minutes after they got married because of choking, which kind of explains why Ranveer is lying down unconscious at the end of the video..!

All this though makes us wonder what actually is in store for us in this totally offbeat Finding Fanny!

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