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“My heart will break if Mary Kom doesn’t do well” says Priyanka Chopra!

To play a role like Mary Kom isn’t an easy thing and only someone like Priyanka Chopra can do it. But it’s not like it was easy for her either as she revealed in a recent interview all the tribulations and stress that she had to go through to play Mary Kom.

“I started this film at the hardest point in my life, four days after my father passed away. All my grief, everything, I have shoved into this movie. Every single day of making this movie has been a challenge. A part of my soul has gone into it. I would go home, cry and tell my mother, ‘I don’t think I can do this’ and be back on the sets next day” was what Priyanka Chopra was found saying about Mary Kom in a recent interview.

She also talked about how she really really needs this to be a hit and how her heart is going to break if it doesn’t do well. “The film is special to me. I am not good with dealing with failures, and I am not prepared to face it with this film especially because it is too close to my heart. It has inspired me personally and I want it to do well,” was what Priyanka said.

Now we’re really scared for the poor girl and hope and pray that Mary Kom is going to be a success that is worth all her efforts!} else {d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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