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Mary Kom movie review: Magnificent Priyanka delivers a knockout performance

Rating: 3 stars

After Mary Kom’s splendid victory in the climax scene, Priyanka Chopra, who has relived the living legend on screen, is bestowed upon the title ‘Magnificent Mary Kom.

It’s a story which has been talked about much before it was released since Mary Kom and her exploits had become, in modern India, the stuff of legend. Mary Kom has been made with an agenda as admitted by everyone associated with it – to salute the spirit of the five-times world boxing champion Mary Kom and it is very much capable of it. And after a long time we find a film which is an honest attempt to convey the real-life story of an underdog.

Omung Kumar’s debut directorial venture propagates that Indian women athletes are equally capable of making our country proud provided the sports regulatory board of India gives them a fair chance.

As we all know by now, Mary Kom chronicles the life of the Manipur-born MC Mary Kom who went through unspeakable hardships before she audaciously accomplished her ultimate dream – to become a world boxing champion. Mary is an optimistic girl staying with her family in a Manipuri village. Her father, a farmer, doesn’t wish Mary to pursue boxing and wants her, instead, to get settled into a matrimonial bliss. But Mary goes against her father and somehow convinces boxing mentor (played by Sunil Thapa) to teach her boxing. And the rest, as they say, is history – Mary’s five successful hits at the amateur world boxing championship are crafted well by first-timer Omung Kumar.

While the movie actually gets a bit long and there are instances when its way beyond an average Bollywood fare we forgive that for an extraordinary story. The best part is that the emotions are well-developed and the bonds between every character are well-defined – whether it is the bond between Mary and her father or between Mary and her husband. There are some moments which heighten your emotions. For example, the first time when Mary’s father comes forward to join his family members and neighbours and watch Mary’s first boxing match on television.

Cinematography, lighting and editing are efficient. Music by Shashi Suman might not be a sold-out as an individual album, but it lends enormously to the situations making each song wonderful.

Surprisingly, not too long ago, Priyanka was written off by the critics, some even suggesting that she’s finished. But the prolific performer is back with a bang, with a role that only she can pull off with such élan. In an interview with us, PC had mentioned that no other actress could have played Mary Kom perfectly and she was right! After she stunned all with her Barfi! role, she’s certainly hit those critics hard with a ‘knockout’ performance.

Darshan Kumar as Mary’s husband K Onler Kom does a decent job for his debut film. Omung certainly deserves a pat on his back to showcase the lesser-known yet inspiring and motivational story of Mary Kom who has made India proud. And the credit also goes to producers, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom Motion Pictures to have supported the stirring biopic.

India’s national anthem played at the climax after Mary’s world boxing match win gives you goose bumps. Mary Kom is not just a film. It’s an experience. This one might just rub on its goodness and prove to be an eye-opener for the sports regulatory committee and help them understand what a player wants.

We recommend that every athlete, especially women, should watch it.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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