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‘Maa ka Phone’ a funky dance number of Khoobsurat gets released!

After Sonam Kapoor did some really crazy dance moves in Engine Ki Seeti comes another song, Maa Ka Phone, and we must say that this one’s even crazier if anything. The lyrics are funny, offbeat and the music which makes it the perfect dance number, goes really well with them.

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan’s robotic dance moves were just right for the song and this time unlike in Engine ki Seeti, Fawad Khan steals the show. Even if all he does is dance like a robot, his funny facial expressions are kind of cute.

The song’s picturized in a disco background which kind of goes well with the lyrics, but why was Sonam Kapoor wearing a dress like that which seems rather inappropriate for the song? Considering how much of a fashionista Sonam is she wouldn’t make a blunder like this, so we’re guessing that it’s probably another thing to make Maa Ka Phone seem funkier, if anything. There is something about this song that is definitely going to make it the next big dance number that everyone’s going to really love!

Its your turn to watch the Maa Ka Phone teaser right here and fall in love with it!

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