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Arjun Kapoor chooses good sense of humor over good looks for his girl!

If you thought that Arjun Kapoor was another ordinary boy who’d fall for a girl just because she looks good, you couldn’t be more wrong, as he reveals in a recent talk show of his, on how he wants his girl to have a great sense of humor over any other quality!

This is what Arjun Kapoor was found telling his host when asked about the kind of girl he wants to be with, “She should be able to engage me in great conversation. Someone who would be okay with me poking fun at her because that’s my way of showing affection. If I care about someone, I always make fun of them.” We hope that all the girls who are crushing on the Kapoor hunk are listening to this and get working on their sense of humor asap, because that’s the way to this man’s heart!

There were some other things that Arjun Kapoor revealed about him, like how his relationship with his dad is and how he’s been really down for a long time after his mother passed away. It was like the sensitive, soft hearted person inside him was finally unveiled on this talk show, which only makes us adore him more than we already do!

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