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Sanjay Gupta reveals what Jazbaa is going to be all about!

While most directors try and guard their story to make it as much of a surprise to the audiences as possible, Sanjay Gupta reveals most of the Jazbaa plot, unable to contain his excitement in a recent media interview! And we’re definitely not complaining.

It’s not like we don’t already know most of what Sanjay said about Jazbaa but there were some interesting things that we did not know which he slipped out. Aishwarya Rai is playing a lawyer as we already knew and she might secretly be a spy as well, from what he said. And then he also confirmed that Irrfan Khan is going to be playing the role of a suspended cop who will be a major part of the movie.

So will the two have some kind of a romantic relationship in Jazbaa? This is what Sanjay Gupta said, in answer to that, “The film will not depict any romance between the two but culminates on a note where you get a feeling that Aishwarya and Irrfan’s equation might develop into a relationship later.” Now that really is a major revelation!

But there’s another really big revelation about Jazbaa that Sanjay let out and that is that John Abraham is actually there in the movie! And he is playing a cameo. Seriously…can’t this man keep a secret?

If all this was revealed by the man even before the filming starts, we’re sure that there will be a lot more of the plot of Jazbaa that will get leaked before it finally hits the screens!

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